Mui Ne, Vietnam

February 21
We took a 4 hour (6 hour) bus. They always lie about how long it takes. I don’t know why. People are going to take the bus anyway, so no one knows why they always lie to you. We got to Mui Ne, which is a small town with great windsurfing year round. We went to see their main attraction, the white sand dunes. We checked into our hotel, rented a motor bike and rode for an hour to the sand dunes. Naturally, I rode an ostrich at a touristy place right at the dunes and then we walked around them. They were pretty legit and big. It was fun to walk around for an hour or so. After taking enough pictures and getting enough sand in our eyes, we rode the motor bike back to our hotel along the coast. It was a really neat ride. We ate dinner, bought some snacks for the bus ride tomorrow and then headed back to the hotel to sleep before our 6:00 am bus to Da Lat.

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