Pakbeng, Laos

March 11
We woke up really early and waited outside to get picked up and taken to the slow boat. We arrived and a bunch of people seemed to wander onto three random slow boats. They all went to different places and some people definitely took the wrong boat because it seemed very unorganized. Some people didn’t have tickets and just got on and it was whatever. There aren’t really reservations. You just hope that it isn’t overcrowded so you get a seat. Luckily, our boat wasn’t even full. We sat with a German guy, who we ended up hanging out with for the next six days. He was really nice and fun to hang out with. He was here on holiday for three weeks and was doing the Gibbon Experience with us in three days. We played cards with him for a little but until another guy say at our table from England. He seemed nice in the beginning but we ended up hating him by the end of the two day journey to the Thailand boarder. He had a bright red beard and it looked like shit. He also looked pretty unhealthy and was kind of scary to look at. He was a strange dude. He is about our age but dropped out of school three years ago and has been traveling solo and working small jobs ever since. We then met these two Canadians who were pretty cool. We all hung out and talked for the 8 hour boat ride. We played some card games like ass hole and addiction, while drinking beer. The boat passed a lot of water buffalo and small villages with little naked kids playing in the water and waving to us. After 8 hours of a pretty chill and easy ride, we arrived at the small town that exists solely because of this daily boat service from both directions. It is right in the middle of the Luang Prabang and the Thailand boarder. We got off the boat and were bombarded with people trying to get us to stay in their guesthouses. We chose one with the other four people we were with and walked up the road to check it out. It looked ok so we each separated into rooms of two. We all showered and then walked the street. We ended up eating at an Indian food place because it looked the most legit. It was pretty good. We then all went back to our guesthouse and played cards until the 10:00 curfew. It was fun but the English guy started to get on our nerves because he was being an asshole.

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