Yangon, Myanmar (Take 2)

April 5
Matt and I ate breakfast, checked out of our resort and took motorbike taxis to the bus station. We then took the six hour bus back to Yangon, on hopefully our last long bus ride of our trip! Once back in Yangon, we took a taxi to our hostel that we shared with two Estonian kids. Once again, our driver got extremely lost and couldn’t find a major intersection. Eventually, we got to our hostel and checked in. We ate at a place by our hostel and then hung out in our lobby to book places to stay for Hong Kong in a couple of days. Our friend Freya who we met in Vang Vieng and traveled with to Luang Prabang, Laos randomly walked into the hostel. We talked with her for an hour to catch up on our trips. She just flew in today and is doing a similar trip that we just did but in the opposite direction. We looked up good places to eat and decided on an Indian food place near Chinatown. We took a taxi and ate there. It was really good and really cheap. We then walked to this rooftop bar that her book recommended. It was a cool place but there was a weird fashion show of local girls going on. Music was very loud and the girls didn’t look happy at all. It may or may not have been an underground prostitute ring because every once in a while, a guy went in stage and put a furry scarf on a girl, then she would walk of stage and go to the elevator. I don’t know, but weird. We got ripped off by being charged slightly more per drink, and then we took a taxi back to our hostel, with our driver getting very lost. After 30 minutes, we finally made it back. We said goodbye to Freya and went to bed. Our time in Myanmar has been nice. It was a different type of place with a few very neat things to offer like outer Mandalay and the Bagan Temples. Beaches here will get popular in ten years and then tourism will shoot up.

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