April 6
We woke up and ate breakfast at our hostel in Yangon. We met these three English girls who were about to do everythinh we just did in Myanmar, so we gave them some advice. I gave my Southeast Asia book to a guy in our hostel because we don’t need it anymore. We then took a taxi from our hostel to the airport, where we boarded our AirAsia flight to Macau. We first flew into Bangkok and had a three hour layover. I had subway and used the last of our Thai baht on Dairy Queen! It was the perfect last snack on Southeast Asia. We took a two hour flight to Macau, where we took a taxi to our hotel. Macau is like the Las Vegas of China. It brings in more money than Vegas and is just as big, but is also an island with other sites and people actually living here. We passed around ten mega resorts like the places in Vegas and then some huge ones closer to our hotel. We checked in and then headed out for the night. We walked down the street for fifteen minutes to the casinos closer to us. We first went into one with really cool architecture and lights. The 60-story building itself looked like a blooming flower. The casino wasn’t as cool as the outside so we moved on to the Wynn. I wanted to go here because they gave free beer as you gamble. Here isn’t like Vegas where everywhere gives you free drinks. Here, only a couple of places give free beer, and others just give free tea and water. I had three beers and played slots for a couple of hours. I also watched the table game that is overwhelmingly the most popular casino game here. It was difficult to find tables that didn’t have this game and instead had roulette or black jack. The game was weird and I don’t understand the rules but it was a card game and may have been similar to poker with some different rules. It was very popular for the Chinese. After Wynn, we went to MGM Grand for a little, where I won some of my money back and pretty much broke even for the night. Roulette seems to be my go to game. We took a taxi home around 2:00 am and went to bed. I enjoyed Macau but one night was enough for me.