Hong Kong

April 7
We took the ferry to TST, the area in Kowloon, Hong Kong, where our hostel is. We checked in and walked around our area to find food. The area is very busy and is the main section of Kowloon. Kowloon is comparable to the Brooklyn of Manhattan in NYC, as a bigger borough. We are some kabobs at a small place on a side street after we quickly realized that food is more expensive here than the rest if Asia. We then went back to our hostel and got ready for the night. We met a guy from California who works on a cruise ship and we asked him to come along. He is meeting the boat in Hong Kong in two days, and will then be on it as a casino card dealer for a few months on, a month off, at a time. We first went to the Avenue of the Stars for the nightly 8:00 pm light show. The entire skyline of Hong Kong participates and it is really something great. The lights on buildings perform for us to music that played for 20 minutes. It was great to see. We then took the subway across the river to Hong Kong island and went to an area called Soho. It was upper class and was filled with mostly businessmen getting drinks after work. We took these really cool escalators up a hill to get there. These escalators are used everyday by 60,000 people to commute to work. Until 10:15 am, the escalators go down and after that until late, they go up. It’s the only place in the world that I can think of that uses this as a mode of transportation. We went into a bar and got happy hour beers. We then walked to LKF, Lan Kwai Fong, the going out district of Hong Kong. It is a small square if streets and is lined with bars. We got some kabobs and beers at a drunk food place and then walked around. We stopped at an outdoor hookah bar for some more beers and then took a taxi home for the night.

April 8
We slept in until lunch and took the metro to a mall for some famous dim sum. We looked up famous places for this famous dish here and decided on this place. It took us forever to find but we eventually did. The food was ok. I realized that we just like dumplings and American Chinese food better than fancy stuff. We took the metro to a china travel agent to book our train ticket for two days from now to Guilin. In china, nobody can book anything themselves. You have to book everything through a travel agent. This is probably one of the reasons why Chinese people don’t know how to travel alone and are always in a group of like 50 or more on a tour in each city in the world. We booked our train tickets and we walked around the area. There were a ton of knock off shoes and clothing stores, as well as an outdoor market with more knock offs. I got a waffle with white chocolate as peanut butter and also a milk tea. I love milk tea now. We then walked towards our hostel and walked through this really nice park where people were running and just hanging out. It was a great place and Dani will definitely go here next year when she studied abroad here. We rested in our hostel for an hour and then ate at a place called The Spaghetti House. It was pretty good. We then met up with our friend, Kash, who we met while river tubing in Laos. She is studying abroad here for the semester from Canada. We walked around and eventually took the subway to LKF. We got some beers from 7-Eleven and chilled in the street. We talked and drank all night until we took the last subway back to our hostel. It was a fun chill night.

April 9
Today was our last full day in Hong Kong. We decided to take the subway across the harbor and then took a bus an hour up the mountain on Hong kong island to Victoria’s Peak. It had a sick view of the Hong Kong skyline from above. It was awesome. We ate pasta at a restaurant on top and then walked on a great trail around the mountain and down to the University of Hong Kong. It was a great hike on a paved path. We walked around the university for a little and then took a bus back to the main area. We took the famous Stat Ferry across the harbor back to our hostel for 20 cents each. We chilled for a little and then took a subway back across the harbor to Soho, where we tried to find a shut down Italian restaurant, but after we failed, we went to a delicious taco place, called Taco Loco. It was so good. We then went to LKF to drink some beers in the streets and then took the subway to the Horse Races to meet our other friend from river tubing in Laos, Hannah. We met her and walked to the track. There were a couple of races left, and it is only $1.50 usd to enter. We got beers and I bet on some horse with a cool name. The gambling sheets I had were in mandarin so I went in pretty blind. My horse lost though, that good for nothing piece of shit. We met back up with Kash and went to the bars after with her friends. We walked to a going out area that resembled the East Village in NYC but was more preppy. Girls get free drinks here on Wednesday and at LKF on Thursday, so those are the places to go on those nights. We got some beers and walked around. Some drugged Nigerian guy bumped into a Kash and tried to punch her. I stepped in and then he tried to fight me but I just pushed him over. Eventually it faded and he walked away. We drank some more and the called it a night. It was great to see our friends again.