Shenzhen, China

April 10
We woke up, checked out and went to a place called BLT Burger that was rated one of the best burgers in Hong Kong. It was very good. We took the subway to the train station and took a train to the China – Hong Kong boarder. We walked through customs and our visas worked flawlessly. Once through, I noticed that there were hundreds of people selling massive quantities of baby formula. We were confused at first but later found out that the baby formula isn’t safe to consume because regulations are lacking, so people by it in Hong Kong where it is safe, and then sell it for more in China. We went to the train station, ate some fast food and waited for our night train to Guilin. We were in a bunk room with four Chinese girl students who we tried to talk to some times. Chinese people don’t speak much English so it was difficult. The train was really nice and smooth. It was a flawless ride.