Bangkok Airport, Thailand

December 26-29

Our 72 Hour Journey

The longest commute I have ever done, and will ever do, is finally over. It involved an hour flight from buffalo to NYC, an 8-hour layover, then a 16-hour flight over the North Pole to Hong Kong, a 5-hour layover, then a 2.5-hour flight to Bangkok, an hour train into the city, a half hour tuk-tuk to the tourist center of the city, a 3-hour mission to find a bus/boat combo ticket that has room to take us tonight. Four hours after getting that ticket, we got on a crowded bus of tourists and started our 16-hour overnight bus ride to a boat port, where we then argued to get a ferry ticket because it came with our package. We then took a bus 2 hours and waited outside for 2 hours for a ferry to come. We then got on a 3-hour ferry to take us to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party for New Year’s. Once on the island, our final hour of the journey was spent getting to our hostel bungalow. We met a girl along the way from Canada who we then helped to find a hostel to stay by the main beach that we are at. Now, let the vacation begin.

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