Kathmandu, Nepal 2

May 1
We flew in early and finally made it back to the capital city of Nepal. The flight was a quick 30 minute flight that stayed low to the mountain peaks the whole time. While on the flight, I learned that the Lukla Airport was the most dangerous airport in the world because of the short runway ending at a mountainside, the low visibility, and the fact that there were the most crashes there over any other airport to volume of people. Luckily, we just left from the airport so I was fine at this point. We arrived in Kathmandu and took a taxi to our hostel. We got our bags from the storage room, checked into a room and finally took a shower. It was my first shower in 12 days in the mountains. It felt amazing! We then dropped off our sleeping bags that we rented. We are lunch at this good cafe by our hostel and them met up with our two fiends, Ashley and Mike, from our trek. We all went to dinner at this really good pizza place called Fire and Ice. We saw Team America there so we talked to them for a little bit. We were all exhausted so we went back to the hostel and said our goodbyes.