Canyon Swing, Nepal

The Last Resort, Nepal

May 2
Matt and I woke up early and walked to an office for a company called The Last Resort. I wanted to do a Canyon Swing and this is known as one of the three main ones in the world. The other two are in Switzerland and New Zealand (Interlaken, Switzerland is now closed though). We took a bus four hours through pretty curry roads to the resort by the Tibet boarder. We hung out there all day as people did different things. I was so nervous but excited for the canyon swing. It was the highest in the world and it sure felt like it. There was a long metal wire bridge that crossed a canyon to the resort. We crossed the bridge and I got a sneak peak at where I would be jumping from. The resort on the other side of the bridge was nice. It was a relaxing place that some people go just to hang out for a few days. I was in the first group to jump so I got suited up and went to the bridge. I had a harness around my legs and waist, as well as, straps over my shoulders with a hook on my chest. I was the second last one to go so by the time I was up, I was more than ready. I was so cold because it rained for the first few jumpers, followed by cold wind. When I was up, it was sunny and warmer. The guy strapped my up and I walked up to the ledge, shaking. The guy counted down and I jumped. It was a long free fall. Eventually, after a lot of screaming, the rope caught and I swung through the canyon. It was awesome. I had a Go Pro on that recorded my face the whole time. It was great. After I stopped swinging, a man got a rope to me that I pulled to get myself to the side of the river below. I then had to climb all the way back to the top. This is when I realized how far I just jumped. We ate lunch and then hung around for a few hours. We saw a man named Ziggy who Matt recognized from when he did the canyon swing in Interlaken. We talked to him for a little bit and he told us that he knew the man who started this resort and was invited to see it. He said that he doesn’t work at the swing in Interlaken anymore because it got shut down. There were no accidents or anything but the mountainsides started deteriorating and it would be a risk to keep the swing open. We got back on the bus and got to Kathmandu four hours later. We ate dinner at the cafe by our place and then went to bed. I was really happy I got to do this canyon swing. I have been wanting to for three years.