Pokhara, Nepal

May 3
We took an eight hour bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara because some kids said it was cool. It was the base town for the second most famous trek in the country, the Anapurna Circuit. We did enough hiking so we didn’t want to do this hike. It’s two weeks and you see amazing views and the birthplace of Budda. The town is known as a chill town to relax and drink. After a long bus ride, we arrived and got picked up from the bus station by two people from our hostel. It was actually a nice guesthouse that was really cheap. We got a huge room with our own balcony. It was great. We were going to spend three nights here and do nothing but relax in the town. We talked with the family that owned the guesthouse for a while and then went to the Main Street for food. We ate lunch and finally got to relax. We drank and ate all day. We chilled at a cafe and read our books for a while too. At night, we drank some beers until around 11 pm and then went back to our guesthouse.

May 4
We slept in and then I ordered a pot of milk tea. I drank it on the balcony and then we went to lunch in the town. We ate and drank all day. It was so nice to chill. We walked around and went into the little shops on the street. We read in a cafe for a few hours and then ate again. We were taking advantage of the cheap food and beer because once we get to Europe in three days, things will be four or five times as expensive. It was nice to splurge and spend $6 a meal here. A dollar can go a long way in the country. Once again, it was a great relaxing day.

May 5
We slept in again and then went to the town for our final day in Pokhara. We were going to do paragliding or something but visibility wasn’t the best so we just hung out in the town again. We ate and drank all day again in the restaurants, caf├ęs and bars. It was great. For dinner, we had Indian food at a neat outdoor place with music. I loved our time in this town.