Bhaktapur, Nepal

May 6
We took an eight hour bus back to Kathmandu. We ate at a cafe and then took a taxi 45 minutes to the outskirts of the city to an ancient town called Bhaktapur. An older German hippie man that we met at a beach in Myanmar recommended that we come here and stay at a place called Krishna’s House. We decided to spend our last day here to see why the guy loved this place. We thought it was nice but nothing extraordinary. The family that ran the house was really nice though. We walked the town and saw a famous square. You have to pay $20 usd to walk around the town, and since we didn’t want to pay to walk around, we just avoided all of the posts where they check. We walked around the old streets for a couple of hours. It looked like a town from the second level of Aladdin on SEGA Genesis. After dinner, we went back to our guesthouse for the night.

May 7
We woke up and checked out. We left our bags in our room and walked around the town. We chilled at a restaurant for a little and got tea. We then went to another restaurant for our final meal in Nepal. We then got our bags and went to the airport. Next stop, Scotland!